Monday, March 23, 2015

Which language would you like to learn or improve? (Facebook users special offer.)

QTalk World Language Digital SuiteFacebook users - we have a special offer for you!


Go to our Facebook page and send a private message with your email address and the language you would like to learn or improve.

We will respond to your message with an individual student login to our QTalk World Language Digital Suite - good for 30 days - no cost, no obligation.

All we ask is that you play the games and browse the flipbooks, check out all the features, and report any errors to us so we can fix them.

Also please keep telling your friends and neighbors about QTalk. 

See you on Facebook.


QTalk World Language Digital Suite is here!

QTalk World Language Digital Suite

The new QTalk World Language Digital Suite is nothing short of amazing. Now for the first time students will be able to browse their QTalk student book online with the same login they use to play the QTalk Online Games. Check out our special Facebook offer.
QTalk World Language Digital Suite

QTalk clicking game helps to practice and learn vocabulary

QTalk Coloring Game
Children learn Spanish colors with the QTalk Coloring Game

QTalk sentence builder strengthens listening comprehension.

QTalk World Language Digital Suite has hundreds of games.

Expand the menu to see game details

Learn vocabulary with or without the text.

How many different sentences can we make with these words?Word match games help students read in Spanish.