Thursday, May 28, 2015

QTalk is Moving!

QTalk is moving to a new website
QTalk is moving to a new website!
Moving day arrives. All the boxes are packed, the mail is forwarded, the last goodby to the next door neighbor, then off we go to our new home. Well, this move is actually a little easier - we did not need to find a way to pack the dishes or empty the shelf of mystery clutter in the back of the hallway closet.
This move - this move to a new website - makes each page as easy to navigate, and as simple as possible, with product pictures and brief descriptions.
Our new eStore uses a very streamlined and secure checkout process using any major credit card.
And of course you can still call and place orders by phone, or fax your school purchase order, the same as before.

As for snail mail, everything needs to go to our New York City headquarters, which is also the home of our sister company, Tribeca Language.

The updated W9 has been sent to all the school business contacts but if we missed you, please reach out and we'll be glad to send. If an order or remittance goes to the former address in Enfield, CT it will be returned to sender, as the mail forwarding has expired.

Moving is fun! Not only do we have a new website, but the Online Games have moved to a more powerful server, with integrated access to our online flipbooks, so that the new World Language Digital Suite is enormously easy to use, with an amazing number of new games, including now text-based games to practice and demonstrate writing skills.
We hope you will move forward with QTalk. Your magnetic Q-Cards and classroom games remain as effective as ever, and now QTalk can help you succeed, utilizing that digital whiteboard, Apple TV, iPad cart or your school's new BYOD (bring your own device) initiative.